Hey there.

I'm an avid eater, gamer, moderator at a game server, traveller, and so on. I build websites for fun, and this is one of them. Stick around, you might like it here.

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Things I've made, among many others:

My latest project has been an 'e-scrapbook' of my stay in China. Not only has it been an interesting task of hotspot-visiting in Beijing, but also an insight in how websites work in China.

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A Normal Riddle

A Normal Riddle

My very first internet riddle game, inspired by RiddleX. Have fun breaking your way through 10 levels of varying ordinary challenges. Can you reach the end?


Chimpman is a Lie

Chimpman is a Lie

A personal project I did from my high school days. Here I gather various evidence, both scientific and biblical, supporting the theory of Creationism. Note: This was indeed made long ago.


I Blog.

Albeit not on a regular schedule, I'm still an active blogger. I usually post photos of what I see and do, but there's also the occasional videos, ramblings and articles.

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I Socialise.

Feel free to follow me on my social media channels below. While I primarily engage on Twitter, I occasionally sneak in some surprises on other sites as well.

Gamer, Traveller, Eater, Patron.

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